Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pox on the cynic

So Cook wins...damn my lack of faith in the American public. I'm sure they'll live down to my expectations some time soon.

For example...HC telling "racists" (or rednecks as they were noted) that she won't accept their votes? Really?! Because if race is a factor for voting whites then its racism. But if the blacks say they are voting for Obama or if women say they are voting for HC that isn't an -ism? This is the country we live in. These are our leaders. All of your are fools if you buy into this party mentality. More on this later.

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Darin said...

Agreed. Granted, I did not watch American Idol this year but I have no doubt that starting right now, you can put 15 minutes on the egg timer for David Cook.

The election process is doing a wonderful job at exposing who we really are with regard to race and gender. Obama wins over the more liberal whites in Oregon by a good margin but loses drastically to the more conservative whites in Kentucky. With each passing day the term “conservative whites” becomes more synonymous with “racists” as the polls show that these individuals will vote for anything that is not black.

A game of smoke and mirrors is being played with the women voters who are coming out for Hillary. Yes, it makes for a nice moment on television when the stands are packed with them at a rally but I am curious to know who they will pull the lever for in November. Women have been over 52% of the electorate for some time. Clearly they could have voted someone into or out of office by now if they chose to. In much the same way that a women in the military would rather be bunkered down with a man in the heat of battle, I suspect that many of them will not vote for Hillary come November.