Monday, April 30, 2007

Expanding the Blog

Well, rumor has it (OK, I read it on one message board) that Rosie may be offered a prime time show now that she has not been renewed on the Estrogen Hour (The View). Now I think Rosie is just as out there as some, but I do have to admire he passion is speaking her mind. As offensive as she can be, she gets a show. Imus loses his...hmmmm.

ANYWAY, some friend of mine at my place of employment hooked me up with a great website called Though I've been hesitant to invest time in such theories, I offer up that there are some challenging points that are worthy of attention. It goes back to one conspiracy...did the US allow Pearl Harbor to get bombed?

I have many friends with different political affiliations or at least ideology. I got to thinking, if I really want to utilize this blog for communication, how can I really improve on my efforts? I know some could care less about politics, religion, etc but those are passions of mine as they drive society. Shouldn't the blog be more of a welcome to all? I'm thinking it would be best to allow for links to other areas to allow for specific discussion. I'm thinking that will be my goal. I'm not sure how I'll do it, but I will.

Maybe I also need to learn some HTML so I can make this site a little more personal? Baby steps pal.

Monday, April 23, 2007


So my wife and I just celebrated our 13 year anniversary. For those of you who don't know, 13 years is supposed to be lace. I did not get anything lace for my wife. I did, however, surprise her with an arrangement of day lilies and roses in a crystal vase. In turn she surprised me with a night in St. Augustine.

Monday, April 9, 2007

What is racism?

Poor Imus. Let me be clear from the beginning: these comments were not racist. Once again Jackson and Sharpton are defining what racism is and doing it incorrectly. Once again we have comments made that are racist only because someone who is white said them. Once again we see the logical fallacy of focusing on the person rather than the comment. How so? Simply put we must look at the context of the comments. I've heard the Imus show and I know what he was trying to express. I can also understand how some may be offended by this. However, Imus the person is not racist by his life and actions there-in. But Jackson and Sharpton, in an effort to further there social agenda through their political affiliation will crucify any white person they can. In doing so they re-define what racism is and focus on high profile issues as opposed to true racially divisive issues. Here in Jacksonville OLT Khalif Barnes called a white cop a KKK devil while being pulled over for DUI. Do we believe Barnes feels this way of all white people? In turn, do we believe Imus feels this way about all black people? No. Sadly our nation is thrust into a news story that is fed by the ignorant of our nation. Jackson and Sharpton need friction for their cause and Imus gave them the spotlight. Sad.

Words out on their own can be twisted using the experience of the reader to define them. Arguing that race necessarily determines intent is, in itself, racist. I hope Imus fights any firing. Kudos to him for the apology tour but I'd sure love to see some black leader speak to Imus's character rather then have these 2 agenda clowns cherry pick.

The Village Idiot

Oh the beauty of feeling young on the inside. In my attempt to dunk over my nephew Mitchell (via an inbound pass from my brother-in-law Greg) I rolled my ankle this Easter and spent my evening in the ER of Baptist South. Thankfully it wasn't a break (though it sure as hell felt like it). It looks to be a nice Grade II sprain. My wife figured out that of the 13 years we have been married I've had to visit the ER 12 times for injuries or illness. Memo to self...

BTW, here is the giant 16 year old I tried to dunk over. This was taken during football season last year (he plays OT for University Christian as well as center for their basketball team tough he sat out last season due to a back injury.) I was 6 lbs lighter (no I'm not fatter now) and he was 10 lbs lighter and a couple of inches shorter. That is why I'm the Village Idiot.