Monday, August 27, 2007

It's Hidden Hidden

To quote the late Gene Eugene

See, the way I feel
Is hidden, hidden
The way I feel
It's time
If you'd reveal
What's hidden, hidden
Is it time?

Much time has past since my last blog (I was happy to find some do read this). The biggest event was the passing of our beloved pet Eddie (Puug with 2 Us PU-UG). There is still sorrow in the house as this was the first real family pet. Eddie passed on 7\8\07. I decided to let the kids decide when they were ready to introduce a new dog and though Sara was ready (to be young) Evan found he wasn't after getting a retriever\shepher mix. Her name is Roxy (originally named Sweetheart---gag) and just turned 1. We're busy making new memories and she has found a loving and welcomed home.

For myself I am in the throes of passing a kidney stone. Mark it down as number 5. So far it is week 4 and counting.

The kids have started school. Sara has Evan's old 4th grade teacher (she teaches 2nd now) and Evan has made the 1st cut of the JWJ football more to go.

Our trip to Boston was wonderful. I think we could live there if we had to. I'll get more into that trip at later date. Some good pictures and stories.

Feel free to check my political blog from time to time. I haven't added anything new but am being inspired to do so. I've also attempted to get a book club going amongst some of my friends. We're reading C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce. I'm hoping they enjoy it. I'll probably start blogging on books read as well. I mean, this is all about sharing right?

Take care everyone.

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