Tuesday, August 28, 2007

He Did It!!!!

His hard work has paid off! We found out today that Evan will play for the James Weldon Johnson Trojans football team. It was a nervous week as Evan moved from being one of the heaviest on his Pop Warner teams to more middle of the road with the 80+ kids trying out for JWJ's team. He tried out for linebacker and was initially concerned as they had the LBs working with the cornerbacks, safeties and wide receivers and apparently there are some tall and very fast kids going out for those positions. Still, the work ethic taught to him paid off and he accomplished a goal that was very important.

I'd like to thank Velocity Sports Performance on Gate Parkway for all their hard work in training Evan. I can't say enough about the staff presently there and those who have gone on to hopefully better things. Since day 1 they have worked with us through Pop Warner, injuries and late sign ups. As I've told them on more than one occasion, they've treated us like family. I hate to single out one trainer above the others or above any of those who work in an administrative function, but Brad Stewart has been one of Evan's favorites and really pushed him to go above and beyond. Thank you Brad.

I'd also like to thank my close friend Philip Hughes. I coached with Philip the past 3 seasons and he has been an encouragement to Evan in every aspect of his life. He put an onus of leadership on Evan and I firmly believe that the physical and mental expectations instilled a strong work ethic both on and off the field. Thank you Philip.

For me I get my nights and Saturday's back. Though I miss coaching the kids and being with the adults I have come to know over the years, I will enjoy watching Evan play as we watch from the bleachers.

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