Thursday, February 7, 2008

15 Seconds of Fame

So I'm listening to my favorite AM radio station (1010XL) and I hear that they are giving away 2 club seat tickets to tomorrow night's Hannah Montana show. All you need to do is wait for the queue song (Girls Night Out by HM) and call in.

But it doesn't stop there.

You then have to sing for 15 seconds, any song of your choice, at which point the hosts (Jeff Prosser, Dan Hicken and Tony Boselli) will vote who is best. It is 7:48 am at the Fullford House and I am mandating Mrs. Fullford and I pay close attention on our way to drop off Sara and work, respectively, so that we may dial in.

At 8:51 am I hear the song and quickly start pressing digits. 6 busy signals pass by but I am committed until I hear them come back on the air. On lucky 7 the phone is answered and I become one of three at this opportunity. First goes a guy who sings a country song...are you kidding? You have to go with the HM song. He sounds good, though. Next goes I. I had decided to go with Best of Both Worlds, but only the line right before the chorus and the chorus since that is all I can remember. But thanks to nerves I can't recall the line and sure enough I'm starting from the beginning. I know about every other line but can make it up as I go along. Thankfully they don't know the lyrics and as I break into "Rock out the show" I give it that extra UMPH!!!

I'm feeling good as they show their appreciation of my extra passion. Then I find out I'm going up against an 11 year old girl. No chance in hell at this point. Add to that, my wonderful cell signal drops. I call in quickly (first time and they remember me) to hear the girl sing. She is a bit off key but she is a kid. I'm a goner.

Then they start debating. The want to stay true to the process (as they are trying to be as professional as American Idol), but how can you go against a kid! Then the votes come and somehow I get the Boselli and Hicken vote (Prosser you must be on the only moral person on that show).

So tomorrow morning at 7:00 am I am going to the studio as one of 6 finalists. I have to believe there is some mom or kid amongst the finalists but it will be cool just to be there.

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