Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh Belinda Carlisle

Why would we want to make heaven a place on earth? If we look to the scriptures, we are supposed to long for heaven as a place better than earth. If we wish to implement a theocracy, aren't we defeating the purpose of longing for a better place? Doesn't that create a greater attachment to the material world? And to that end, aren't we actually trying to make perfection?

Oh perfection...the end goal. So argues the zealot: "we wish to be christlike!" Last I checked Jesus wasn't making stump speeches or helping to raise millions of dollars to support a candidate's bid for power. I'm going to wager Jesus would be tipping over the "money pots". If you want me to convert, just put a sword to my neck and ask that I convert or die. Don't insult me by the making the claim that you're doing this in my best protect my interests.

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