Monday, November 26, 2007

How Muslims Drag Humanity Down

Maybe we should scour the internet for the "crazy muslim act" of the week award. Today I found this wonderful little bit of information:

Mo-Ham-Ed The Bear
Mo Mo-Ham-Ed The Bear

Yes, a British teacher in Sudan was actually arrested because she allowed her elementary children vote on the name for their class teddy bear and the name chosen was Mohammed (who shall now be Mo Ham Ed). The Muslim Sudanese men, to defend the prophet, apparently began to surround the police building. A muslim female teacher was quoted as saying she was happy that the British teacher got the children to vote.

Now to be fair, every faith has their extremists. Christians want amendments to stop gays from being married. But the very fact that these Muslim men, and women, will resort to acts of violence because of this interpreted "blasphemy" is an animal act. You cannot call these people civilized. Their sole purpose to is eliminate those who disagree with them. They make laws in which blasphemy is a criminal offense.

The religious right has tried to do this with America, though not to such an extreme. Don't think for one second that if the wrong people were in power that repressive, antiquated religious beliefs would be passed off as a means for which to protect society. We see this in reverse as something as simple as prayer is disallowed, not because it is being promoted but just because it is happening. This type of mentality will drag our race down.


Chris Gandy said...

In aid of the free exchange of ideas, and open dialogue, please remove comment moderation. Do you really need to approve all comments to your posts?

B. W. Fullford said...

How does comment moderation limit the free exchange of ideas and open dialogue? I sense some pre-supposition that needs to be defended.