Friday, November 2, 2007

The Hero With A Thousand Faces

I'm not sure what this title means but I'm looking at my bookshelf and that one just stood out. Let me see if I can tie this in....

Youth football season is closing as the JWJ Trojans play their final game this Monday night at Stanton. After a crushing 26-0 loss to their arch rival Darnell Cookman, the Trojans managed to defeat Kirby Smith 16-14. Kirby hadn't lost a game in 3 years and I believe JWJ has never beaten them. As it stands Kirby, DC and JWJ are all with 1 loss (Kirby beat DC, DC beat JWJ, JWJ beat Kirby) so if they all finish with wins it is a 3 way tie. This will be the best ever finish for JWJ. Evan, as you know, struggled with where to play and his decision has given him great strength and pride in himself.

In addition to this success, my friend Philip's son Jacob's PCPW team made it to the playoffs only to lose to AFA last night 21-12. They played AFA, the 1 seed, very tough.

Sara continues to work hard at cheerleading. She is discovering how to work through the little aches and pains of life which I feel will go a long way in strengthening her character. Last Tuesday I watched her workout on two scraped knees, which with all the jumping, kneeling, etc put her in positions to quit or cry. She stuck through it! I think we will be doing soccer in the spring. We've started kicking the ball around and I'm beginning to see a bit of a competitive streak in her. Either that or she just likes to run and hit on her dad and brother.

Kerry and I are dealing with a down housing market. It is always good for the spirit to get your focus narrowed and this has done just that. There is stress that is relative to where we are in life but it allows us to look for sun drenched beaches and not washed out ones.

We are really enjoying watching our friend Julie Hadden on The Biggest Loser. She and Michael are such wonderful people and I'm hoping that this brings them to new forks in the road with gold at the end of each.

The Schoonmakers did not move and for that we set off some fireworks. Chuck is quite possibly one of the most down to earth guys I know. We're both very busy but our friendship remains strong.

There are other things of note that are probably more private, but lets just say there are some close to me that need your prayers (if that is what you do).

I think I see the title manifest itself. I hope you find the hero in these comments as well. There are many.

Virtual hug to all my family and friends.

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