Monday, April 9, 2007

What is racism?

Poor Imus. Let me be clear from the beginning: these comments were not racist. Once again Jackson and Sharpton are defining what racism is and doing it incorrectly. Once again we have comments made that are racist only because someone who is white said them. Once again we see the logical fallacy of focusing on the person rather than the comment. How so? Simply put we must look at the context of the comments. I've heard the Imus show and I know what he was trying to express. I can also understand how some may be offended by this. However, Imus the person is not racist by his life and actions there-in. But Jackson and Sharpton, in an effort to further there social agenda through their political affiliation will crucify any white person they can. In doing so they re-define what racism is and focus on high profile issues as opposed to true racially divisive issues. Here in Jacksonville OLT Khalif Barnes called a white cop a KKK devil while being pulled over for DUI. Do we believe Barnes feels this way of all white people? In turn, do we believe Imus feels this way about all black people? No. Sadly our nation is thrust into a news story that is fed by the ignorant of our nation. Jackson and Sharpton need friction for their cause and Imus gave them the spotlight. Sad.

Words out on their own can be twisted using the experience of the reader to define them. Arguing that race necessarily determines intent is, in itself, racist. I hope Imus fights any firing. Kudos to him for the apology tour but I'd sure love to see some black leader speak to Imus's character rather then have these 2 agenda clowns cherry pick.

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