Monday, April 9, 2007

The Village Idiot

Oh the beauty of feeling young on the inside. In my attempt to dunk over my nephew Mitchell (via an inbound pass from my brother-in-law Greg) I rolled my ankle this Easter and spent my evening in the ER of Baptist South. Thankfully it wasn't a break (though it sure as hell felt like it). It looks to be a nice Grade II sprain. My wife figured out that of the 13 years we have been married I've had to visit the ER 12 times for injuries or illness. Memo to self...

BTW, here is the giant 16 year old I tried to dunk over. This was taken during football season last year (he plays OT for University Christian as well as center for their basketball team tough he sat out last season due to a back injury.) I was 6 lbs lighter (no I'm not fatter now) and he was 10 lbs lighter and a couple of inches shorter. That is why I'm the Village Idiot.

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