Monday, March 26, 2007

Still lazy after all these years!

Well, so much for my desire to utilize this blog for any real means of communication. The good intention of being timely to this site falls to the wayside and here I sit working to culminate over a month of activity. Bullet items are always good!!
Evan had an awesome 12th b-day at Pump It Up.
Finished the Jacksonville River Run in my fastest time ever (though I've only run it 3 times). Kudos to Christian for beating us all and thank you to Philip for getting me through the last mile. Kerry, Evan, Sara and my mom all ran the 5k. Great to see them out there.
Began feeding by skull with all the new Nine Inch Nails information regarding the machine that is Year Zero. I will post more on this in another blog but I am looking forward to Trent succeeding in his attempt at a concept album.
UCLA and UF meet once again, although on a secondary stage, in the NCAA Tourney. Needless to say another win\win for me though I'm pulling for UCLA to take it. A good portion of me wants a UF\OSU match up so the Gators can own them again.
Spring Break is over and a wonderful time was had by all. We met our friends The Williams’ and The Hughes's for some frolic in Orlando. We stayed at the Peabody and skirted Animal Kingdom and Sea World.
Even though I promised to elaborate...please don't hold your breath.

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