Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thumb Sucking Republicans

I have found a new friend and his name is Roland S. Martin. He has written a striking article on the Republican base and McCain: here.

The 'Phant talking heads are in an uproar over the inevitable McCain victory and America shouldn't be happier. Why? Simply put, the Reagan 'Pubs have run their course and the party needs to be redefined. As the article points out, McCain has "conservative" positions that he holds dear. The problem, as also noted, is that McCain isn't a slave to party agenda. How many 'Pubs are of an environmental bent only to be told that is a "liberal" platform? What defines a party platform has for so long been opposite ends of the argument that for a constituent it is all or nothing. The likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, etc have for too long spoon fed the lemmings of the party and cast out those who considered themselves more "moderate" with respect to the party platform. In McCain there is hope that reason will win over rhetoric.

The most distressing part of this McCain dilema is the given reaction. Dr. Dobson told McCain he wouldn't vote for him. Will Beck really vote for Hillary? The basic premise here is that a moderate 'Pub is worse than a Dem. Not good logic. And what of the Religious Right forming their own party? I have three words for you: Green Party Failure. I, for one, wold be ecstatic. Get the zealots out of the party and allow it to be driven by reason and not the bible. If I wanted to live in a religious state I'd move to an Islamic country.

The 'Pubs are being tested here. They are going to have to decide whether they can be happy with some and not all. They are further going to have to accept that the mantra spewed by the likes of Limbaugh all these years is not the mantra of the populace. If McCain continues to show his popularity the 'Pubs will have to accept that America may like the conservative platform sans the zealotry and extremism. McCain has no issues doing what it takes to get things done, even if that means working with the hated left. If this perception of McCain is accurate, bad for the dogmatists. Good for the America.

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