Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Faith is a 5 letter word

I'm not sure humans, as whole, take the time to understand why things are. Profanity is one of those things. Is it the case that all things we, in America, consider to be profane words are such in all areas of the globe? Of course not. In turn, context is a critical component. Ass is in the bible. Bitch is used in the "dog world".

Couldn't one consider faith a profane word? The whole idea behind a profane word is that one finds it offensive. Belief not based on proof, faith, can be offensive based on the actions of those employing it. This isn't an attack on any one Religious faith: it also goes to those who follow what I call Eco-Religion. (Now I know that some will argue Global Warming is a proven thing. I do not wish to run that race. All I can say is that it is totally accepted and the cause\effect of humans on the environment is still open to much speculation. Eco-Terrorism is a component of the Eco-Religion that operates under a "faith" in the belief system.)

Back track...when the zealots of ANY system employ tactics that are oppressive, the idea of their "faith" becomes an offensive position. Denying gay's the right to be married because your "faith" in the Christian God and the Bible say they are sinners? Such an example shows how an unproven position affects others.

I surely didn't mean to attack this in detail or with any passion demanding quotes and other such research. Lets just say I'm running with this off the top of my head. Who knows, I may have to edit this later.

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